Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections can be used as a complimentary test method to confirm results from other, less intrusive, test methods. Visual Inspections are a limited, but useful aid in determining the cause or extent of damage to a test object. An internal visual inspection is conducted by entering a confined space such as a tank, vessel, scrubber, etc. and confirming imperfections with the human eye. There are a couple of drawbacks to an internal visual inspection:

(1) Is that the piece of equipment needs to be taken out of service, all piping disconnected and blocked off, the inside cleaned and dried, and the internal atmosphere monitored for the proper levels of oxygen, combustibles, etc.

(2) Sub-surface damage/imperfections are virtually impossible detect with the naked eye.

*All internal visual inspections performed by NDEI will include the marking and recording of all imperfections via digital photography

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