Shawn M. Salo - President and Lead Technician


 January 1994 to Present

 Shawn began his education in Welding and Metals Technology in 1990 at New Hampshire Technical College. Upon graduating he worked with Fluor Daniels as their

 primary welder. While Shawn was working at Fluor Daniels, Robert “Bob” L. Robinson (1934 -2003), founder of Non Destructive   Evaluation Int’l. was on a job for Fluor

 and Bob was impressed with Shawn’s skills, professionalism, and desire to learn more. Bob hired Shawn January of 1994.


 Shawn was trained and supervised by Bob from 1994 to 2003. Shawn had held the role of Lead Technician and Safety Director until 2002. He is SNT- TC-1A Level III

 Certified in Acoustic Emissions and Visual Inspections, as well as SNT-TC-1A Level II Certified in Ultrasonic Testing.

 Shawn became Sole Owner/President November 12, 2014. He is the lead technician and oversees all field and safety operations. Shawn also trains all new field

 employees to earn the hours needed that are required for qualification to become SNT-TC-1A Certified.


 Jeanie L. Rice - Operations Manager


 November 2014 to Present

 Prior to being hired Jeanie carried the title of National Account Representative for a Vending Service Company with a 1000+ customer base and 750+ accounts were

 hers to manage. Jeanie acquired the skills, creativity and determination needed to run a small business throughout her career working in management with multiple

 industry sectors and departments.


 Jeanie manages and oversees all office operations, but sales and marketing is definitely her favorite hat to wear. She stays busy communicating with our clients,

 networking, updating safety policies, accounting, and human resource tasks only to name a few. She is the glue that holds NDEI together!



 Kaden Suon - NDT Technician Assistant


 November 2017 to Present

 Kaden is currently is going through our employer-based certification and training program based on SNT-TC-1A. Kaden has completed over 1000+ field hours in Ultrasonic   testing and successfully completed 80 training hours per ANSI/ASNT CP-105 in Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 and 2 at Applied Technical Services, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.

 Since joining NDEI Kaden has proven that he is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done and to do it right!